Reha Medin Commercial has started a new era in real estate sector in Turkey. We are not trying to find customers for the properties but exactly the other way around; finding THE property that our customer is looking for or demanding.  We call this ‘haute couture in real estate’. You clearly define your request; our tailor made consultancy will provide it.

Reha Medin Commercial is an investment consultancy department that gives a win-win service. We consult the owner and calculate the absolute value of the property and at the same time make the investor reach the highest profit from his investment.

In the consultancy service of Reha Medin Commercial, we do;

Market Research, SWOT analyses, Feasibility/ ROI calculation, Project Consultancy, Portfolio Management, Investment Consultancy, Project Development, Business Development, Asset Management…

In simple words; we consult the hotel investor to set up the best management and marketing ways to have an outstanding success in the market even in the short term.